Discover the delicious Piedmontese ready-to-eat dessert with peaches, macaroons and cocoa, known as “Persi Pien”. This exquisite delicacy cleverly combines the infinite sweetness of peaches with the intense taste of macaroons and the spicy note of cocoa, creating a truly unique balance of flavors. Persi pien is a typical dessert of the Piedmontese tradition, appreciated for its irresistible fragrance and unmistakable flavor. Made with high quality ingredients, it is ready to be enjoyed in a few minutes, without sacrificing the authentic taste of homemade desserts. Enjoy this treat for a sweet and delicious break, perfect to share with friends and family. Buy Persi Pien now and discover all the taste of Piedmontese cuisine in just one bite.


Our peaches are sweet, juicy and absolutely delicious, and the cocoa sauce with amaretto pieces combine perfectly to create an explosive flavor that will make you want to eat the whole jar.